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Chapter 1    Laying Foundations

What You Must Know before Executing an Asset Protection Program

  1. There is no such thing as an infallible Asset Protection Program
  2. Asset Protection Is Not about deception or a means TO Reduce your Tax Liability
  3. Requirements for maximal protection
  4. Setting your Privacy to Maximum
  5. Balancing Privacy And Protection

What You Must Know As You Create an Asset Protection Program

  1. What works against you
  2. What will work for you


What You Should Create Along with Your Asset Protection Program


Chapter 2    Defense Using LLCs

Why an LLC is Your Best Bet

  1. Setting up and working with your llc
  2. How many members should your llc have?


Comparing LLCs with Other Entities

How an LLC could be Exposed


Chapter 3 – Defense Using Estate Planning and Trusts

Estate Planning and the Desired Side Benefit

Putting Trust in Trusts

  1. Privacy trusts
  2. Irrevocable life insurance trust
  3. A Worthy Trustee


Chapter 4 – Defense Using Liens and Equity Stripping

Liens and Asset Protection

Equity Stripping

  1. The Different ways
  2. The U.F.T.A. and equity stripping
  3. More complex ways
  4. Liens and lawsuits
  5. ABS and a local lawyer for equity stripping


Chapter 5 – Defending a Profit-Generating

Business’ Assets

Your Many Options

Deciding on Structure

Micro-businesses and Privacy

Other Issues of Privacy

Coping with the IRS


Chapter 6 – Defending Your Liquid Assets

Protected Banking

Using an LLC


Chapter 7 – Defense Using Documentation

Getting Your Feet Wet with Documentation

  1. Things to do first
  2. What to remember

Record Keeping

  1. Traditional vs. computerized
  2. Single-entry vs. double entry


Chapter 8 – What Friendly Parties

Should Know

Participation in an Asset Protection Program

Participating as a Trustee