Privacy Policy


Last Revised: September 4, 2011

Our Privacy Statement explains how we gather your personal and company data, how we handle and protect this data, and what further steps you can take to protect your data. We may change this Statement from time to time as the need arises to accurately reflect how we gather and manage your data. All changes to this Statement will be effective upon posting to this Web site without any other notice to you.

Some affiliates of Asset Protection Manual have their own Web sites with their own unique privacy statements, tailored to the services that they provide. We encourage you to read those privacy statements carefully when you visit those affiliate sites.

Information We Collect, and Why

You may browse our site without submitting any personally identifiable information (“personal information”) at all. The kinds of information we collect from you will vary, depending on how you use our services. In order of meeting your companies needs we will collect some standard information such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number, and telephone number. For the purpose of forming your corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), we will collect the following information: the name you want your business entity to have, a brief description of the purpose of your business, the name and address of the corporation’s Registered Agent, the name and address of the directors and officers of your corporation or members or managers for an LLC, and how many shares of stock your corporation will be authorized to issue and the par value of such stock.

How We Protect and Use Your Personal Information

To protect your personal and credit card information from unauthorized access, all information exchanged between our servers and your Web browser is encrypted using In addition all of our employees are made aware of our Confidentiality of Client Information Policy on a regular basis and must acknowledge that they have received and read the same. We also secure the infrastructure that supports information collection, exchange, and storage/retrieval at the following levels. We use firewalls to secure the perimeter of our information network and monitor our systems on a regular basis. We also use an authentication and authorization mechanism based on user i.d. and password to restrict access to your personal information. Each authenticated user only has access to the information that he or she is authorized to use.

All credit card information, personal information, and company information is treated as confidential and proprietary and is not shared outside Asset Protection Manual, with the exception of contact information and company formation information. Contact information includes your name, your company’s name, and the company’s address and phone number. Company formation information includes only the month of formation of your company. No personal or company information other than this contact information is shared with any outside party.

From time to time, Asset Protection Manual may wish to send you updates or newsletters with topics of interest to our client base. We may occasionally notify you of new services and special offers via e-mail updates.

Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Privacy

You play a vital role in ensuring the security of your information on this Web site. Here are a few steps that you can take to maintain the privacy of your information. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information you provide to us is accurate and current. If your information changes, please update your information by going to the contact us section on the Web site.